Aura v2 – Desktop Assistant
Aura v2 – Desktop Assistant

Aura v2 Release


Aura is built on .Net 7, you have to install the .Net Desktop Runtime 7 from Microsoft.
To start using Aura, you have to own a Persona file. You can create a new persona by using the Persona Maker.
You can download Persona Maker and sample persona here.

Basic Operations

  • Drag and dropping files on top of Aura will open a drop menu that shows possible actions for those files.
  • Right clicking Aura will open up a start menu where you can find various tools there.


  • You can install new services by dropping the '.asvc' file to Aura and then choose Install Service.
  • You can only install services one by one. (For now)
  • To configure services, use Service Manager from the start menu.

Services Created by Code Atelier

  • Coatl DNS v3 - DNS server that can tunnel you and your local network to a DoH service. Click here.
  • Chatbot AI - Chatbot driver for Aura console. Currently supports Click here.

Download Aura v2: Google Drive


Aura v2.0.20
- Initial public release