Aura – Desktop Assistant
Aura – Desktop Assistant

Aura latest release version


Aura is built on .Net 6, you have to install the .Net 6 runtime from
To start using Aura, you have to own a Persona file.
You can create a new persona by using the Persona Maker program in personamaker folder.

Basic Operations

  • Drag and dropping files on top of Aura will open a drop menu that shows possible actions for those files
  • Right clicking Aura will open up a context menu:
    • Console: You can issue a command or chat with Aura using chatbot service
    • Config: Basic Aura configuration
    • Widgets: Contains widgets offered by services
    • Applications: Currently only contains Persona Maker
    • Shortcuts: Create shortcuts to a file or folder, or access the item by clicking on its shortcut
    • Service Manager: Shows a list of available services and their status. You can also start/stop services and configure them.
    • Debug: Show debug information
    • Exit: I assume you know what this for
    • Clicking on region: Depends on the Persona and services that you use, clicking on a Persona region might trigger something

Download: Releases - Google Drive


Aura v1.1.1.176
- RandomTag will automatically refresh after updating JSON
- AliceBot will automatically refresh after updating JSON
- Added Service Manager
- Persona maker now supports date range
- Bugfixes
- QoL Update